About Us

Mission: PELabs mission is to provide a workplace to inspire creativity, think entrepreneurially, and develop professionally.

Vision: To create a better life for urban youth through product creation using STEM related programs that help students develop skills that pay handsome dividends long into their careers.

Our Team

Our History

Founded in 2016, CPEP Ventures, now “Pathways Entrepreneurial Labs” was established to provide NAF students in Hartford an opportunity at an internship that would provide extra training for 9th and 10th grade students who show promise but could use some more training before they take a position at a conventional employer. With that came a focus on character education, technical training, leadership development, professionalism and the entrepreneurial mindset. Over our brief history we have been steadfast with our convictions to that every intern matters and that their success is everybody’s success!

To inspire creativity, think entrepreneurially, and develop professionally

Diversity and Inclusion

Our Foundation for Creativity, Entrepreneurship and Professionalism, they are the principals guiding us. Be a part of our culture and identity that includes all people and all differences. Our value is our people who work towards developing character skills needed to gain personal growth including self discipline, integrity, faith and trust, power and freedom!


“I started at PELabs as an intern, where I learned many valuable manufacturing skills such as: the design process, designing products through use of laser cutting, and how to work with clients. Now as a manufacturing facilitator, I get to teach those skills to the current interns, and hopefully inspire them in the same way that I was inspired as an intern. Now as a facilitator, I am learning new skills, mainly how to be an educator. I now get to see the interns grow as designers and help them do so. My favorite part of being a facilitator is getting to see how each student handles the design process differently and seeing them learn new skills. PELabs has helped me progress as a both a designer/engineer, and as an educator, which are careers that I hope to pursue in the future.”​
“Summarized under one word, transformational. I began as the on-site graphic designer who worked independently from the other departments, but I had found myself limited in my ability to work with each intern on a personal level. This year, I have become the coordinator of five aspiring graphic design interns. It’s my first experience in the teaching capacity. I’m proud to say that my group has become experienced in the industry software as I learn about their learning styles in leveraging their creative skills.”
“This is my second year working at PELabs, and I continue to be amazed that the growth and motivation that the students show in learning and applying new material. timespan. This year I am heading the newly founded IT department, in which students are working with concepts such as Virtual Machines, Network Protocols, Routing and Switching, and many aspects of Web Hosting on Linux. The enthusiasm and hard work that the interns put into learning this college-level material continues to astound me. Overall, PELabs is a fantastic program that greatly benefits both interns and staff. I would highly recommend this experience to potential interns, business partners, staff members, clients, and any other interested party.”
“It can be said as a fact that experience and time are correlated with one another. Whether it maybe a delighting or an unpleasant moment, we have learned and encountered many obstacles and challenges throughout our lives and of course they may serve as a purpose for us. As a confused Advanced Manufacturing Intern during my first year with PeLabs, the program had taken my wellbeing to a different level by pushing through my capabilities and teaching me skills and values that would be not only be applicable in the real world and my Engineering major but within each person too. Over the next two years with the guidance the PELabs staff I grew to be a leader in the Advance Manufacturing area with other interns looking to me for help. This program has given me a second unexpected family bond that I never thought would have during my three years at United States. Both the faculty, new incoming interns and the technical expertise that I have gained have shaped my life in many different ways and who I am today.”
“PELabs is a wonderful experience for the kids to obtain new skills, relate them to the real world, meet new friends and earn money during their summer break.”