What is Pathways Entrepreneurial Labs?

PELabs is an entrepreneurial 5 1/2 week program held during the summer at Pathways Academy of Technology & Design. Interns will be part of an entrepreneurial team whose mission will be to develop products or services for customers while engaging in the entire end-to-end business process. Through this unique summer business internship, interns will learn skills in their chosen business area of focus, develop professional and entrepreneurial skills and experience, and build their professional network, résumé, and portfolio.


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Our Departments​

Our departments here at Pathways Entrepreneurial Labs boast a wide variety of different job branches, depending on what you’re looking for. These departments range from 3D Modeling and Printing, to designing logos for companies, to protection and encryption of your everyday tech. Just take a look!

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Web IT


Advanced Manufacturing


Digital Media


Web Design

Social Media

Social Media

Cyber Security 1

Cyber Security


Graphic Design

Insurance & Finance 1

Insurance & Finance